Meet the Team

Michael Peters ACA, Cert PFS - Chartered Accountant

When you go into business Mike will steer you through the complexities of starting up and choosing the right type of organisation for you. He will help you grow your business and mould it into the ideal shape for your chosen exit option at a time that suits you.

Mike and his staff provide a full accounts preparation service for privately owned family businesses, charities, clubs and associations. If you are a company large enough to require an audit, or if your organisation’s rules demand it, then Mike’s team will do that for you as well.

In the area of taxation and modern day compliance Mike will, using up to date technology, prepare and submit all of your tax returns online.

Finally, Mike is also qualified to give investment advice.

Ramesh Kapadia FCCA ACA- Chartered Accountant  

Many of our clients use West Wake Price LLP to fulfill the role of their ‘financial accountant’ leaving them free to manage their businesses more effectively. Ramesh and his staff will maintain accurate computerised records from which to prepare management accounts, VAT returns, cash flow and profit and loss forecasts in order to help your business grow.

Ramesh’s team will prepare timely statutory financial statements and tax returns in order to meet all of your compliance needs and, if required, they will also carry out an audit.

Ramesh also looks after our own IT systems and helps many clients with their computing needs. He will recommend accounting software, help with the implementation and can even access your systems remotely and securely.