Financial Services

The Financial Services industry has received some bad press.

That is why more and more investors are turning to well qualified, independent advisers who can be trusted to listen carefully to their current needs and future aims and to come up with a plan that enables them to sleep at night!

Our Financial Services team has a wealth of financial examination passes between them and, because they are also Chartered Accountants, you can be assured that their review of your finances and subsequent recommendations will incorporate matters such as income tax and inheritance tax.

They will also consider whether you need your capital to provide you with an income or whether it can be invested for longer term growth.

Paramount in their eventual recommendations will be your own attitude to investment risk - if you are not happy with the ups and downs of the stockmarket there are always other investments to choose from.

Pensions form a major part of future planning, and it is usually worth checking the suitability of your existing plans as well as finding a home for future contributions.

And, being totally independent, they will have a look at the whole range of financial products and services before selecting those most suitable for you.

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